Why I can't delete my dating account?

Running a dating platform means that I have accounts on all the dating websites not limited to eharmony, match, okCupid etc. That also means that I keep looking around on their websites for new features, functionality etc. Recently I was trying to delete my account on coffee meets bagel and to my horror I can't really delete my account.  

This is what they give me if I try to delete, "I can only cancel my membership"

I thought it's only coffee meet bagel that has adopted this horrendous technique so I went on to other dating websites.

This is what match.com tells me when I try to delete my account. Really? So you'll keep my info for a year....

I wanted to see what eharmony does but seems like they decided not to are not up and running today!

I hopped on to see what the good guy okCupid does when I try to cancel my account.  Good guy okCupid gives you both the options, you can delete your account or deactivate it :)

I really don't understand why as a user of match.com and coffee meets bagel I am not allowed to remove my information from their servers.

Is it because....

1. Their number of users will remain the same because technically they haven't deleted my account?

2. Or they are looking forward for me to come again?

As a user of their services, can't I demand to delete all the information about me from your servers?

At Truffle, one thing we want is to make sure that we do things ethically and so this is how we deal with removing the account

Yes, in big bold red color,  "delete your account". Once you click delete account, everything is gone.....

Anyhow my rant is over. Thanks for reading.